Petroleum Engineer to Esthetician

It's hard to imagine going from a Petroleum Engineer to an Esthetician.

I've been heard saying I went from taking the oil out of the ground to helping clients balance the oil in their
skin. That education helps me everyday all the way to assessing product formulations. I dealt with oil and water just as I do now only a little different.

The Long Road

I had no idea this type of business ever existed until I received a gift certificate for a massage and facial. How cool of a job to help someone feel good. That was the short story. I eventually got certified as a massage therapist but it left me wanting to know more about skin. Then in 2003 my dad was dying and it gave me a whole new perspective on my own life so I took my cars title to the bank and signed up for esthetics school that same day. For 4 months I worked nights and weekends while attending school during the day.

Training Was Basic

Training was mostly product centered so I started to follow product neutral education anywhere I could find it. Still something was lacking which led me to Germany for advanced education. I found out that skin is 3 dimensional with it's own immune system and internal functions. I always questioned how products affected the skin. When I found out they only make the skin feel soft I was on the hunt once again.

Fast Forward To Today

Skin cells need nutrients. Products should penetrate actives into the skin so the cells can gather those nutrients to make better quality skin. The answer I've been looking for all these years is a transdermal delivery system. Finally a product that just doesn't sit on top of the skin and do nothing but moisturize.

My Philosophy


Treat the skin as a living, breathing organ

Find the root cause of the adverse condition

Design a 6-12 week Skin Revision Program to revise those condition (s)

Prescribe home care that will nurture your skin cells and maintain what we've revised in clinic