Acne is a misunderstood, common skin condition. We over treat it, dry it, cover it up, ignore it or become obsessed with it. One thing for sure is every year 85% of U.S. teenagers develop acne. it can appear at any age, most often on the face, back, and chest. It is not only painful physically but emotionally as well. 

Your ticket to acne clearing is an enzyme therapy that regulates and enhances optimal skin functioning through improved circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. Reducing inflammation and promotes healing by strengthening the skin.

The Acne Story begins with ductal plugging and a combination of oil secretion and dead cells sloughing off to fast causing a bottleneck effect. Ductal plugging is the perfect environment for the P-acnes bacteria. Once you squeeze just one lesion it then ruptures the follicle wall causing full blown acne. Traditional treatments strip oil, drying the skin, in which case there is no environment for P-acnes to thrive and while this is great initially it does not take care of the cause nor blocks 5-alpha-reductase. The skin needs to function at optimal capacity in order to alleviate acne. Skin Revision© puts the skin into an environment where it can perform at it's best. My goal for you is to minimize dumping of debris into the hair shaft causing ductal plugging and reduce the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. This is of the utmost importance because when it's allowed to run out of control it produces more oil which leads to an impaired acid mantle which is the breeding ground for P-acnes which leads to acne. In the beginning once you see the slightest improvement in your skin you will feel less stressed and more confident which dials down the stress hormones which leads to less cortisol and less oil production. This is where you will start to see faster improvement.

Now after the acne is gone you may be left with pigmented skin and or scaring. Now what? Once the acne is under control we can begin the process of lightening your pigment and minimizing the scaring left behind. Skin Revision© has the treatments and home care that work together. Treatments work to erase the visible pigment and scaring while home care works to inhibit the cells that produce the pigment so that little to no pigment can reach the surface resulting in a more brighter, even skin tone.

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