Basic Microcurrent is a 45 minute very relaxing treatment
If microcurrent is an add on please allow for additional time depending on the area treated
A program of 10 weekly treatments is recommended for longer lasting results and combined with muscle banding it's a win win
A one time treatment is good for family portraits, high school reunion or that first date.
Combined with Muscle Banding you will be amazed at the lifting that happens!


Benefits of French Microcurrent 

*Minimize fine lines
*Increase the density of the Epidermal/Dermal Junction resulting in a more
  youthful look.
*Lifts jowls/minimizes the double chin look
*Lifts droopy eyelids
*Non-invasive/nonaggressive procedure
*Age management with no down time
*Visible toning & tightening effect
*Increase circulation
*Increase wound healing on a cellular level
*Cumulative results
*Positive muscle cell response
*Increase in ATP (fuel in cells important for regeneration)
*Increase lymphatic drainage (decrease puffiness)
*Increase fibroblast activity (fibroblasts are responsible for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production)